• Full Name: Jared Carl Wheeler
  • Age: 27
  • Pronouns: any
  • Gender: Bigender
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Ethnicity: Black and Indigenous Latino
  • Occupation: Mechanic (Day-Job), Musician
  • Band: Devil's Tattoo
  • Instrument: Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

JARED WHEELER is a 27 yr old mixed black and indigenous latino musician from Arizona. He is in a local hardcore band called Devil's Tattoo that is rivals with a post-punk band called Jeweled Lacerta. He is a stereotypical type A personality, always wanting to be in charge of everything. He's also very proud of himself and his body, always showing off a new tattoo or piercing that he has by showing the most amount of skin possible. He, and the rest of the Wheelers, are victim to a curse that makes eye contact dangerous for other people. If someone stares at a Wheeler's eyes for too long, they become blinded.

Most of his reputation revolves around living the stereotypical “musician high-life,” i.e. abusing drugs, sleeping around, and having a messed up sleep schedule. He dropped out of high school not only because of truancy but because he just didn’t try, and had to get his GED as a replacement. His day job is a mechanic, and he only works part-time with the intention of focusing on his music career, but instead he seems to not be taking care of business, according to his uncle who raised him, Eli. Eli doesn’t blame him for how he acts because he had a very rough childhood. Growing up with an absent father and a mother that held resentment towards him, Jared found himself victim to manipulative, controlling, and abusive adults that destroyed his childhood. Despite this, Eli still wants the best for him and hopes that Jared will eventually get his life together and be successful without hurting himself anymore.

He was raised by his uncle, Elijah Wheeler. They have a very good relationship, but Jared often finds himself keeping things from Eli in fears that he'll be disappointed in him. While he does care what Eli thinks of him, he finds himself victim to bad, addictive habits that sabotage his ability to be successful.