• Full Name:Jamison-Clark Ramirez
  • Age: 27
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Gender: Gender Ambiguous
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Ethnicity: Indigenous Puerto Rican
  • Occupation: Fast Food (Day-Job) & Musician
  • Band: Devil's Tattoo
  • Instrument: Bass

Jamie is a perfectionist when it comes to the things that he is passionate about, like playing the bass. For him, it is frustrating when people do not like doing what he likes to do, and when they do not show the same amount of care that he does.
Jamie is extremely loyal to his friends, but instead of focusing on his own needs and what he needs to do in order to succeed, he focuses on following the successes of others. He cares a lot for other people, but also seeks validation from them for just about everything that he wants to do.
Jamie is often perceived as someone who is still full of child-like wonder because of how much he remains attached to doing the things that he enjoyed doing as a child. One example of this is coloring. He does care what people say to him about this, taking people’s comments about “needing to grow up” to heart, but he doesn’t know how to pick up new hobbies that he isn’t given the reins to.
Jamie fears new social situations because he cannot often predict what people will want to talk about, or if they will want to talk about things that he doesn’t know the answer to. Uncertainty scares him, and because of that he tries to avoid putting time into worrying about the future. He focuses on the present and what’s going to happen to him and his friends immediately, not ten years down the line. This sometimes frustrates his friends, because they feel that he cannot fully prepare himself for preventable situations like a natural disaster (or another event that is hard to predict).
Jamie feels most secure when he has someone that he can follow (metaphorically). Having someone that he can mimic in some ways but also rely on for guidance and love helps take the stress off of Jamie’s shoulders.