• Full Name: Gustav Fedoseyev
  • Age: 31
  • Pronouns: any
  • Gender: Gender Apathetic
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Ethnicity: Russian
  • Occupation: Unknown (Day-Job) & Musician
  • Band: Devil's Tattoo
  • Instrument: Drums

A very quiet, ghostly-looking guy who speaks broken English and pretends he doesn’t understand it. While passionate about drumming, you would never know by the way that he acts. He tends to hide all of his true emotions because he doesn’t want to seem weak. His friends don’t know his last name or much about his past at all.

Often seen rocking liberty spikes, his hair is what is most important to him. However, that doesn’t take away from the multitude of piercings on his face, (3-pierced bridge, labret under his lip, and an eyebrow piercing as well as huge gauges).

He was raised under a very oppressively religious household, one that treated their children like slaves. Gus was forced to work 24/7 in multiple ways, from working outside on their plot of land to taking care of his younger siblings even though he was young himself. One thing that raising his younger siblings did for him was get them all to be on his side so he could eventually get them out of there. His parents were very abusive to them all and instead of standing for it, as soon as he had the ability to, he fled Russia with all of his siblings, including Micah who was very young at the time. They hopped from country to country and eventually ended up on a flight to The United States, where they continued to do whatever they could to make money until ending up in Arizona where they settled down. They figured out of all the places to look for them, Arizona would not be one of the obvious choices. Gus decided to dedicate most of his time to helping his siblings rather than himself, leading him to not do very well in school and fall behind in many ways. He was extremely smart, but couldn’t apply all of himself to school because he simply didn’t have time. It was Dmitri that encouraged him to alleviate some of his stress by allowing some of the older siblings to take care of the younger ones, in a way that all of the siblings could take care of each other. Soon after agreeing to do this, Gus started doing much better in school and finally got all that he needed to have a stable career. While Gus still helps out his siblings as much as he can now, he can finally spend his time on himself and doing what he likes, which is playing the drums. He picked up the hobby after finding a place to stay in the States, and playing the drums helps him not think about his parents and if they’re coming to hurt his siblings or not.