Gender Hoard

Tier One - General Genders, Neogenders and Xenogenders


(from Latin neuter - “neither of the two” and French trois, “three” - as in "third gender") – a gender identity that is neutral; it is not the same as being agender (i.e. having no gender).


(from Latin binus “twofold”) – a gender identity characterized by having two separate (not necessarily binary) identities at the same time, or changing between two identities over time.


(from Ancient Greek γυνή [gyne] - “woman” and ἀνήρ [aner] - “man”) – a non-binary gender identity associated with androgyny. Androgynes have a gender which is simultaneously feminine and masculine, although not necessarily in equal amounts, or in between male/masculine and female/feminine.


Finding the concept of the gender binary to be confusing, inaccessible, or inapplicable to you. Similar to quoigender.


Feeling your gender is neutral (or slightly Masculine), but with strong masculine influences. These influences can change how you label your gender, you may use masculine gender labels but still feel that your gender in + of itself is not entirely or much masculine at all.


One who’s gender feels more androgynous, but is still indescribable.


When one’s gender is a shadow or darkness in some way; up for interpretation.


Being, to varying degrees, every gender and orientation (within one’s experiences) due to being some sort of nonhuman being and constantly flicking/glitching through identities.


A gender on the edge of existing and not existing (between gender and agender), or one that dances between the two.


A gender that is a mystery, and very difficult to understand. lots of labels vaguely fit it, but almost none can fully describe it.


Multiple genders and nothing/genderless at the same time summed up into one, as if a paradox. See also: Schrodigender, polyagender and pluragender.


A gender better described as a non-strict identity (not static, solid or stable), or when your gender is very wide, varied and miscellaneous.

Tier Two - General Aesthetigenders


A gender associated with the 70s’ space age and alien phase, ‘old school’ scifi and mystery (e.g. the X-Files; Twin Peaks), space, aliens, UFOs, cryptids, etc. (Unifo - unidentified flying object).


A gender related to devils and crosses.


A gender relating to being an angel hung upon a cross, being a crucified angel && having your holiness stripped from you via a traumatic event.


A gender related to being demonic and masculine.


A gender related to serenity, being ethereal, and/or appearing angelic as a demonic entity. Having the qualities of an angel, elegance and serenity, yet remaining a demon.


Relates to the word “unholy” and/or being unholy.


A gender relating to the trad goth subculture! this may include a connection to the music, styles, makeup, etc. also a subgender to gothcoric / gothgender!


A xenogender related to one’s gender being connected to goth in some way; whether it feels like one’s gender is gothic itself, the aesthetics of goth, or however else in regards to gender and goth.


A gender relating to, or influenced by, death and a deity, being a death deity or a derity of death


A xenogender related to darkness, being edgy, skeletons, gore, link chains, sharp things, mystery, evil, red and black colours and black hoodies.


A gender connected to, affected by, or otherwise related to metal music; a metal musicagender and/or a metal cadensgender!


A gender relating to dark angelcore. may be connected to fallen angels, ruins of historical buildings, and stained lace.


Gender connected to wyverns, flying, and hoarding things or hoarding genders, can be both masculine or feminine!


A gender that’s influenced by one being neurodivergent, and that’s connected to dragons, dragon aesthetics, being a dragon, and/or a love for dragons, or a gender that can only be described by or through dragons due to one being neurodivergent; a dragon neurogender.


Connected to sleepiness and bats , sleepy bats , or when you’re jus a sleepy bat.


A gender represented by nursecore && wolves ! Or a gender connected to being a nurse && a wolf at the same time.


A gender related to ravens with stars in their wings and stardust on their feathers.


A xenogender connected to dire wolves, their fossils, and/or the la brea tar pits. this gender may feel strong.


A xenogender for those who feel disconnected from binary manhood, but possess an essence of masculinity in a celestial, ethereal, or otherworldly way, regardless of assigned gender.


When you're both devilgender and angelgender at the same time.


A gender connected to the moon, moons, angels, angels of the moon, or moon angels.


Devil/devillike deity.


One's gender is related to angelic abominations and eldritch abominations, like an angel turned into a eldritch abomination, the reverse, or a being who’s simultaneously both at the same time.


A gender related to elegance, cuteness, and horror.