hello! my name is akim. i also go by toki, levi, and asher. i use he pronouns. i live, breathe, and eat just like you! i'm 20 years old and i love to draw and code. i'm black and indigenous, as well as cuban! i'm mentally ill (but not giving you my diagnoses, sorry) and neurodivergent. i started this page up to show what i could do with code.

i love music! my favorite genre of music is nu-metal (CRINGE!!!) and my favorite bands are primus, korn, and system of a down. i've been listening to them since i was a youngun before you call me a poser or something. i also like slipknot, avenged sevenfold, pierce the veil, deftones, utsu-p, maretu, linkin park, and more. it's too hard to list all the things i like, so just take a look at my spotify!

i've been drawing since i was little, but only started taking it seriously since high school. i try to focus on the things that people don't want to talk about, like the bad effects of mental illness in my art. i love art and illustration in general, as well as original characters! my muse is jared wheeler, a character born out of hatred for his circumstances. he is chosen to be the next messiah by god against his will, eventually being forcibly turned into an angel only to dissent and become the successor of hell. you can read more about him on my toyhouse!

some of my other hobbies are playing guitar and bass, figure collecting, and playing rhythm games! my favorites right now are osu!, project sekai, project diva, love live, idolmaster (cinderella girls and million live), and bandori.

kk slider some other games that i enjoy are pokemon, animal crossing, borderlands, portal, minecraft, and cookie run!

feel free to add me on discord! keem#2009

ena shinonome stamp