Don't you remeber when you were little and your tooth would fall out and the tooth collector Norse God Orthod would take your tooth and gives yous a pickle nickel?

Good evening, welcome to my about page. My name is Asher and I also go by Akim (Keem/Keemy). I'm a 21 year old illustration student who also likes graphic design and coding. I mostly enjoy coding retro-looking websites like this one. Recently, I have picked up reading queer zines to learn more about lgbt identities. I feel that it's important as a neutrois bisexual to understand my history from other perspectives.

I also enjoy makeup and can't stop myself from posting makeup looks on my twitter at all times. I'm into drag race as well and follow a good number of the queens from there. I also like going to local hardcore/metal/goth shows and supporting local artists that way. I go to bigger concerts sometimes, but much less often because they can get expensive. Some of my favorite artists that I'm listening to right now are Molchat Doma, Kublai Khan, and Talking Heads.

I don't talk a lot, but when I do I only like to rant about my favorite things and subjects, and one of those things that I am extremely passionate about is art and design. Art to me is a way to express myself in ways that words cannot encompass. I prefer visual communication to verbal, as someone on the autism spectrum.

ASHER he/dei 21 neutrois, taken, casual goth mtlhead

Likes and Dislikes!


  • Drawing and Illustration
  • Art History
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Coding
  • Pokemon
  • Adult Cartoons (ATHF, Metalocalypse, etc.)
  • Crafts and Crochet
  • Spongebob


  • Most Shows for Kids (TOH, Amphibia, etc.)
  • astrology
  • stan culture
  • bts and taylor swift fans
  • genshin impact (and fans)
  • spider monkeys
I am a Togetic! Which Puyo Puyo Character Are You?