Basics 🜏
  • Primary Names: Akim, Ptolomea
  • Age: 22
  • Ethnicity: African-American, Blackfoot & Danish
  • Pronouns: he/shx
  • Gender: Bigender Androgyne + Neutrois
  • Sexuality: Queer Aroace-Spec
  • Relationship Status: Taken <3
  • Career: Illustrator
  • Subculture(s): Deathrocker (Goth, Punk, & Metalhead)
  • Religion: Secular Paganism

Hi, my name is Akim, but I also go by Asher and Ptolomea. I use other names, too. I really love to play with html/css, which is why my websites look the way they do! I'm also not a gacha gamer anymore, but I still very much like the illustrations on the cards, being an illustrator myself. I'm a secular pagan, and I love using religious themes in my work, whether that be my illustrations or my coding projects.

I consider myself a deathrocker, at the intersection of goth, punk, and metalhead. I love going to local punk shows and checking out local music, no matter what area I'm in at the time. I play bass for my band in my free time, but I started off playing piano and then guitar. I also sometimes play the banjo. In my free time, you will probably see my drawing, playing the bass, or coding. I'm extremely passionate about my ocs, and I hardly ever shut up about them.

Always feel free to shoot me a message about my interests. Some of my other interests are vocaloid/vsynths, rhythm games (project diva, osu), graphic novels, dolls/doll customization, goth, post punk, adjacent, punk subgenres, metal (nu, death, thrash, more), grunge, emo, spongebob, metalocalypse, rupaul's drag race, interstellar, halloween, friday the 13th, scream, 28 days later, and probably more things that I forgot about. I have a LOT of interests.